Animal Control – Job Description

Qualifications: The animal control officer shall be certified by the state and have completed training for animal control and any required rabies shots. The animal control officer is to know the proper way to handle sick or deceased animals. In case of an emergency, transport captured animals to the county animal shelter in Bronson.

Typical Duties: Animal control officer is expected to carry a cell phone that will be provided by the town. Animal control officer must be prepared to euthanize or capture any animal that is suspected of having rabies, then to report and transport it or its carcass to the proper authorities as per state health department codes. Animal control officer is responsible for maintaining the town impound facility in a sanitary condition, feeding and watering animals, and tending to the sick or injured. Animal control officer is to maintain records including a logbook, complaint file, citation book in
triplicate and fine records and retained for a period of three years. Animal control officer may be called upon to attend hearings on behalf of the town regarding citations and fines.

The animal control officer is to be accountable to the town clerk/commission.