Town of Inglis

135 Hwy 40 W

Inglis, Fl 34449

If you wish to contact the Town of Inglis by email please submit all requests to the Town Clerk's email which you can find under the listing above marked Department. 

Do not send any email requests or e-check payments to

Any lien search requests for the Town of Inglis Water Department can be submitted by a fax (352) 447-1879 or by email to the Town of Inglis Water Clerk at

The Town of Inglis is committed to the perpetual implementation and preservation of environmental improvements deemed necessary to maintain the natural and indigenous environmental beauties within the Town limits, thusly by the promotion, protection, and development of its ecological resources. We are dedicated to the collaboration of official and unofficial bodies, organized for similar purposes of ecological preservation, and environmental issues and concerns, including but not limited to, construction on new and existing developments within the Town, while keeping in mind the urgency to stimulate job growth and foster the needs of our Town’s youth. We are exceptionally devoted to the revitalization, development, and preservation of open spaces, wooded areas, and chiefly to our once pristine, Withlacoochee River, while adhering to policies and regulations of local and State agencies.

The Town of Inglis Planning Board is in need of members. Please contact the Town Clerk, Sally McCranie at 352-447-2203 ext 102.


352-447-1879 Fax

Office Hours: Mon thru Friday 8am -5pm

​​​​​The Town of Inglis is committed to the fair housing and civil rights laws to protect persons regardless of race, color, familial status, handicap, national origin, religion and sex in the choice of housing.
For more information or to report a potential civil rights violation including those related to Fair Housing, Equal Opportunity or Section 504/ADA Compliance, contact the Town Clerk Sally McCranie

at (352) 447-2203 ext 102

Public Records Custodians

Sally McCranie or Darlene Slattery

P.O. Drawer 429

Inglis, FL. 34449-0429


352-447-1879 (FAX)

Incorporated in 1955, the Town of Inglis is dedicated to its residents and strives to provide strong and fair leadership.  The goal of this website is to provide information to our residents, visitors, surrounding cities and towns.

To make your water bill payments with your credit or debit card please call the

Inglis Town Hall at


during regular office hours.

(A $3.00 fee is added for this service)


Due to the delayed posting of credit card payments by the credit card company to the Town credit card payments will not be accepted during the last week of each month

          PLEASE CALL 911!!!