Town Clerk

The Town of Inglis operates under the Mayor-Commission form of government. The Town Commission is elected by the voters and in turn, the Council appoints a professionally trained individual as its Town Clerk. It is the responsibility of the Town Clerk to handle day to day operation of city business. The City Council makes policy decisions, and votes on all legislative or quasi-judicial matters required or enabled by state or federal law. Town Clerk, Darlene Slattery has served the Town since August 2001. Starting in the Water Department as Water Clerk for  fourteen years and was promoted on May 5, 2015 to Deputy Town Clerk. She now serves as the Town Clerk, serving the Town of Inglis for a total of 19 years. 

Darlene Slattery, Town Clerk 
352 447-2203 EXT 101

Cery Logeman, Water Clerk, serving since May 2015. 
352 447-2203 EXT 103

Jaden Vanhorn, Accounts Payable Clerk, serving since January of 2020
352 447-2203, EXT 102