Town Commission

The Town Commission meets for their regular meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00PM in the Town of Inglis Commission Meeting Room. Special Meetings and Workshops are held as needed. Announcements of Commission meetings are posted on the bulletin board at Town Hall.

Name Title Department
Phone Term Expires
Michael (Drew) White
Mayor   [email protected]/[email protected] 352-447-0777 or 352-322-5948 04/01/2023
Joyce Schwing Commission President Commission President and Liaison to Maintenance and Roads & Bridges [email protected] 727-560-7005 04/01/2024
Scott Levesque Commission Vice President Commission V.P. and Liaison to Land Use,  Code Enforcement and Planning & Zoning [email protected] 352-221-3817 04/01/2023
Pat Tully
Commissioner Liaison to Budget & Finance and Fire Commissioner   352-693-0047 04/01/2024
Steven Schwing Commissioner Liaison to Water Department and Law Enforcement & Inglis Fire Department [email protected] 727-560-7316 04/01/2023
Isaac Young
Commissioner Liaison to Health, Welfare & Recreation [email protected] 352-257-0378 04/01/2024